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Hey, I'm Levon.

I make websites. - that pretty much describes what I do.

I am a freelance web developer currently based in Barcelona who likes creating different types of websites from the simplest to the most sophisticated designs and functionalities. I have been creating websites since 2004 and started developing on WordPress since 2011.

Levon Avetyan: DR!M.IO

I can help you with

  • website development
  • website redesign
  • customizations

Everything about WordPress

  • starting with installation
  • making your own themes and plugins
  • adding custom functionalities
  • customizing according to your needs
  • teaching you how to use it

Want to discuss your next project?

In fact, I am not good really bad at writing content.

That’s why I asked a friend of mine to give me some ideas about what to write on about me page. The answer was to ask myself a few questions, answer them and post them on the website.

Here you go: ↓

Who am I? I am Levon.
What do I do? I make websites.
What do I like? Making websites.
What is my passion? Making websites.
What do I do when I am free? I make websites.

well, you get the point.

Why should people hire me?
I don't know, why not?!
Maybe because I make websites and they need one?
Or maybe I make great websites and they need a great one?
Anyway, just remember, when you hire me, good things happen on Earth 😉

What are my hobbies?
cycling, playing chess, heavy metal music \m/ all things maths and numbers. I also like cats and lions, the old red Ford Mustang 1967, sci-fi & ai series and beer =]

What do I believe in?
I believe that websites should be FUN: Fast, Unique and Nice.

Let's have some FUN and make good things happen.

Recent Work

some of my recent projects

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Preferred Travel Services

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project: Preferred Travel Services
Tony Walsh / Overseas Director
Leo has developed a completely new website for our company, I have worked with him over the past few months on this project.

At all times Leo has been co-operative, inventive, efficient and very easy to work with. He has also been very patient with my ignorance of all things web!

We are very pleased with the result of his labours, which are already increasing our booking levels.


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project: ArtSynergia
Esther Guillem / Founder
Leo ha hecho un trabajo terrífico desarrollando Artsynergia, lo recomiendo!

Necesitaba un proyecto en Wordpress porque quería construir una red social para sumar sinergias en arte. Leo me hizo una buena propuesta y lleva un año involucrado en mi proyecto. Me ha propuesto ideas y tiene gran experiencia en Wordpress.

Si necesitáis ayuda en Wordpress, os lo recomiendo porque le gusta su trabajo y es de mi total confianza.

Casino Bloke

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project: Casino Bloke
Casino Bloke Owner / Owner
Levon has done an amazing job redesigning my website, basically building it from scratch as I was not happy with the WP theme I had chosen.

The communication was excellent throughout, he also sorted out numerous issues that were not in the original design specs, and did an overall great job.

I can highly recommend his services and will definitely use him for future projects.


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project: L’AVETIS Novias
Carlos K. / Director
Levon ha superado con creces todas las expectativas de L?AVETIS, nuestra empresa del sector nupcial. Ha diseñado para nosotros una web moderna, práctica, creativa y muy visual.

Desde el primer momento captó rápido la idea que teníamos en mente y la hizo realidad. Sin duda, nos ha ayudado a aportar una imagen renovada de nuestro negocio y esto ha facilitado que nuevos clientes nos conozcan.


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project: DecoFinca
Vahagn Sahakyan / Manager
Leo es un web desarrollador profesional con suficientes conocimientos. Me impresionó mucho su capacidad de motivar y animar con sus consejos correctos. Se esfuerce mucho para hacer un trabajo perfecto con todos los detalles requeridos.

Os lo recomiendo porque os va a motivar y orientar y ayudar que consigáis un buen trabajo como lo hizo con Decofinca.

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