Hi. I'm Levon

I am a web developer who likes creating different types of websites from the simplest to the most sophisticated designs and functionalities. I have been creating websites since 2004 and started developing on WordPress since 2011. I can help you with website development or customizations.


/ recent work


SEO Century // seocentury.com SEO Century 🔗
BizMarketer // bizmarketer.net BizMarketer 🔗
USBettingOffers // usbettingoffers.com USBettingOffers 🔗
L'Avetis Novias // lavetis.es L'Avetis Novias 🔗
Barcelona Ventures // barcelonaventures.com
Preferred Travel Services // preferredts.com
Artsynergia // artsynergia.com
StudioSeed // studioseed.net
DecoFinca // decofinca.es


Hello Cookie // easy-to-use, simple WP cookie notice plugin Hello Cookie🔗
DR!M Share // light-weight social sharing plugin for WP DR!M Share🔗
WP Easy Grid // WP plugin to help easily make grid layouts WP Easy Grid🔗


Learn Markdown // learn markdown basics and practice Learn Markdown 🔗
Share Link Generator // generate custom share links Share Link Generator 🔗
Grid UI // small CSS "Library" for making grid layouts Grid UI 🔗
HTML Periodic Table // Periodic Table of HTML Elements HTML Periodic Table 🔗
Tic Tac Toe // Tic Tac Toe XO Tic Tac Toe 🔗
MyCV // template to create personal Resume websites MyCV 🔗

/ get in touch

Hey, thanks for taking the time to send me a message.
Here's my email for you: levon [at] drim [dot] io

Currently available for new projects ✋