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This website doesn’t collect any personal information and do not store any information at all anywhere.
When you fill in the contact form to contact me, the data (your name, email address and your message) is sent through secure connection and is not store anywhere.


This website uses cookies, as most of the others do.
Here’s what cookies are used:

Google Analytics

Google Analytics mainly uses first-party cookies to report on user interactions on Google Analytics customers’ websites. These cookies are used to store non-personally identifiable information. Browsers do not share first-party cookies across domains.

Important: Google Analytics does not store any personal information about website users.

You can learn more about Google Analytics cookies here.


This website uses another cookie to identify your browser when you come back. [ btw, I want you to come back 🙂 ]
The cookie will be set when you click the button to accept it, and the cookie notification bar will disappear. Next time you visit this website, the website will see the cookie and skip showing the small nice annoying notification bar.

That’s all.

In case you keep navigating through this website, you accept the existence of these cute creatures called cookies.

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